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What can I do on Veri?

As a learner, you can manage electronic and printed versions of your qualification documents (certificates, transcripts and secure letters, plus any other official documents). This means viewing your electronic copies of your documents, ordering reprints, sharing online access to employers and other third parties, and reporting any errors.


As an employer, you can view qualification documents online from learners that have given you access. Learner have the control to revoke access at any time. You may also request access from particular learners to view their documents if they have not already given you access or request a timed extension to prolong your access.

Is it secure to share my electronic documents with other people?

Yes. We have taken extreme measures to prevent fraud and make it as safe as possible to share your documents. By revoking access when required and deciding who gets access to your documents, you have control over exactly who views your documents, which documents they see, when they see them and for how long. Although these electronic documents have been published by Agored Cymru, they are no longer valid when printed or removed from this website.

How are the electronic documents created?

Upon printing your physical documents, an electronic version is uploaded to this secure website. Only specific personnel at Agored Cymru can print or publish these documents and security measures are in place to stop anyone else accessing your documents. If you notice an error on your documents, please report it.

I can't register!

If you have registered already, you won't be able to register again with the same email address. In this case, visit the login page to try and log in with existing details, or reset your password if you can't remember it. If you still can't register and are a new user, please contact us so we can help set up your account.

I can't log in!

If you can't log in it might be because of a few reasons. Make sure your password is correct or reset it if you've forgotten.

Accounts can also be blocked by Agored Cymru if any suspicious activity is recognised. Please contact Agored Cymru if you still can't access your account.

Who do I contact with any issues, complaints or compliments?

Please contact Agored Cymru.